Quality Control

Fully port tested. Ready to deploy.

We take network equipment quality very seriously. Our goal is to deliver you 100% functional network equipment. When you purchase refurbished networking equipment from Terabit Systems, rest assured it has been thoroughly tested. Here’s an overview of our 5-step network equipment testing process we use at Terabit Systems.

1) Physical Inspection

Every networking router, switch and load balancer is carefully inspected to check for any physical issues that would affect functionality. We inspect connectors, heat-sinks, faceplates, buttons, latches etc. for damage. Some items are rejected outright at this stage, and removed from the product pool.

2) Functional Testing

At this step networking gear is run through applicable testing. Switches are run through their POST (power-on-self-test), and any errors noted. Log files are checked for error messages, fans and power supplies are tested, and port testing is begun. Traffic is passed through all ports at wire speed. Whenever possible, built-in diagnostic commands are executed. Modules are run in chassis, and again, checked for normal function. Optical transceivers have traffic passed through them before being passed.

3) Factory Defaults

We restore settings to factory default on all used routers, switches, and load balancers. All passwords and configurations are removed, and firmware is confirmed functional. The equipment is made ready to use out of the box, just like it would be if new from the manufacturer.

4) Cosmetic Refurbishment

Networking equipment that has passed the first 3 steps is wiped clean and dusted. Some casings may be repainted if significant scratches are present. Fans, heat sinks, and components are blown off to remove dust.

5) Final Quality Control and Kitting of Networking Equipment

Gear passing the first four steps are given a final QC check, kitted out with any applicable accessories (rack mounts, power cord, console cable, PDF’s etc.), and sent into our warehouse inventory - available for sale. Once ordered, networking product is pulled and professionally packed for safe transit using the best methods and materials available. We realize how rough transit can be, and take every precaution to ensure items are fully protected.

Simply put, we deliver the best quality networking equipment (routers, switches, and load balancers) possible, to ensure a completely hassle free experience.

  • 100% functional product
  • In good cosmetic condition
  • Complete and ready to use
  • Delivered safely and on time

Terabit Systems has an outstanding track record of delivering on these goals.