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Brian Stadtmiller

Brian Stadtmiller is a 10 year veteran of the IT and Network Operations Fields. He has been responsible for computing installations ranging up to the very large, and has firsthand experience delivering on 100% uptime initiatives. He has spent the last 8 years involved in all aspects of network hardware remarketing, and is a proponent of the economic and environmental value that using refurbished network hardware represents. He is uniquely suited to understand the needs of network engineering, network operations, and enterprise computing clients when it comes to hardware. At Terabit systems he is currently responsible for Service, Quality Control, Operations, and Sales. He holds a BS in Biology from Oregon State University.

Charles J. Hurbert

Charles has extensive experience in the network hardware field from both a marketing and sales viewpoint. He has quickly become a valuable asset to the sales team at Terabit Systems, where he works in both asset procurement and dedicated sales. Prior to Terabit, he worked as an online marketing specialist in the field helping to create one of the most dominant websites in the industry, eventually moving into a key role managing service provider and data center sales. Charles holds a BS in Finance from San Francisco State University.

Alex Beverwijk

Alex has over 15 years of commercial and managerial IT experience. He was responsible for setting up and running the EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) Service Renewals team at Juniper Networks. More recently he setup and ran the Enterprise Inside Sales team for Juniper Networks covering the EMEA region . Prior to working at Juniper Networks Alex held several commercial management roles at Dell Computer. Alex is responsible for the EMEA operation of Terabit Systems based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Alex has a degree in mechanical engineering and business administration.

Daniel Lobanovsky

Daniel’s experience working in financial services brings a unique perspective to Terabit’s professionalism in sales and account management.  Additionally Daniel worked at JCB Tokyo as a technical translator for the International IT Systems department helping maintain and deploy bank card processing systems. He is currently focused on serving regional and global ISP accounts.  He is also responsible for managing all of Terabit Systems business initiatives in Japan. Daniel graduated from the University of San Francisco and holds a BS in International Business.