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Note: Be sure to read our blog, "Whatever Happened to Brocade?" to learn more about their sale.

Terabit Systems is proud to be a Brocade Premiere Alliance Partner. As a authorized Brocade Partner, we offer vendor-certified expertise around high-performance IP/LAN data networking solutions and promote a client-focused approach to ensure you meet your performance and budgetary requirements. In addition to being a certified Brocade Reseller, we also buy Brocade equipment that you might be looking to de-install or upgrade. Call us at +1 (415) 230-4353 to discuss your configuration needs, or send us an email.

Today's organizations face increased demands on their network infrastructures, requiring higher levels of performance, availability, and mobility to take advantage of new IP-based technologies. To increase efficiency and reduce costs, these organizations need intelligent networks that effectively utilize available bandwidth capacity, manage data traffic flow, and ensure network security.

Brocade Communications (which now includes the Foundry Networks IP line) is a leading provider of high-performance enterprise and service provider switching, routing, security, and application traffic management solutions including edge and backbone Ethernet switches, Web and content-aware application switches, network-wide security solutions, wireless LAN and access points, wide area access routers and internet provider edge and service provider core MPLS routers. Foundry's customers include the world's premier ISPs, Metro service providers, and enterprises including e-commerce sites, universities, entertainment, healthcare, government, financial, manufacturing companies, technology, and high-performance computing (HPC) sites.

Brocade IP Network Infrastructure Services provide best-practice methodologies and expertise to help organizations build next-generation network infrastructures to meet the requirements of IP-based technologies, while maximizing the value of their existing network environments.

Talk to a solution specialist today and get started on your next generation Brocade network.



September 23, 2019
Breakout, the game. Using Breakout Cables the blog

Using Breakout Cables

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