QFX10002: The New Lion in Your Network

Juniper QFX10002-72Q

QFX10002s In Stock Now: The New Lion in Your Network

It looks like the secondary market has a new contender for King of the Jungle. We're seeing a good supply of affordable QFX10002 switches hitting our shelves, and we think they're going to supercharge your network. Here's why:


I can tell you from experience that these things are dense. It takes a couple of us to manhandle one of these switches into our rack for testing. These 2U beasts can easily squash a steel-toed boot or a network bottleneck, depending on how careful you are in deploying them. The QFX10002-36Q is your kitten, utilizing quad form-factor pluggable transceivers to boast 4x10G, 40G, or even 100G links.* If you want a lion, the QFX10002-72Q has twice the ports in the same form factor, a ferocious future-proofing machine. And the QFX10002-60C will blow the doors off your rack with a roaring 60 100GbE ports, replacing those EX-UM add-ons and port licenses you've been buying for your network all these years. We've only seen a few of these 60's so far, but they're going to be a big part of our future here.


Juniper's QFX10002s won't just push packets. They'll push you forward. With a variety of configurable port options, from 4x10G breakout cables to 100G QSFP28 connections, you can link a variety of different ports and switches to the QFX, so hardware updates can evolve with your schedule and budget. Moving to 40G and 100G while still maintaining your 10G infrastructure is as easy as two rack units and a call or chat.


With support for EVPN/VXLAN, IP Fabric, and multi-chassis LAGs, this switch will roar out of the box and purr for your advanced needs. The QFX10002 will meet today's requirements and tomorrow's. Want a Layer 3 fabric? The QFX10002 is the spine, and the QFX5100 (also in stock) will be the leaves for thousands of server ports in your network. Want to chop down the spanning tree? The QFX10002 provide you with complete bandwidth utilization across access and aggregation layers. And by using overlays with Juniper's OpenContrail, you'll get a Layer 2 adjacency over a Layer 3 fabric. The light will just about growl through the wire.


One of the things most troubling about tomorrow's network is today's cost. Look up the QFX10002 and the price won't even fit on a browser window. It's more frightening than the MGM lion. Finding these on the secondary market is a little bit easier these days, and we can get you a fully tested and refurbished QFX for a price that might not start you singing Born Free, but it might get you humming the theme from "Annie." Tomorrow is only a click away.

The team at Terabit Systems specializes in providing quality refurbished networking equipment-- as well as industry leading customer service--to clients worldwide. Check out our selection of Juniper QFX switches. Email us or call +1 (415) 230-4353 to speak to a Terabit representative for a quote today.

*Note that QFX10002 channelizes its ports into groups of three, allowing you the flexibility to use each port group as 12 10GbE ports (with a QSFP breakout cable), three 40GbE ports, or one 100GbE port per group. You can mix and match the capabilities as you see fit, making for a wide range of possible links.

July 22, 2019