Juniper Agile Deployment Methodology (JAM) and NG (Next Generation) MPCs


If You're Still On the Juniper MX480 Router Fence, Next Generation Modulation May Be the Push You Need

Hardware dependability, great customer service, and seamless compatibility have long made Juniper a major player in the networking world. But what keeps us continually talking about its MX Universal Routing series is not just reliable performance, but its ability to outmaneuver much of the competition in a good-old-fashioned upgrade foot race using next-generation Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs) technology..

Paired with Juniper’s JAM (Junos Agile deployment Methodology, aka Juniper Continuity) software package, these NG chipsets (on numerous MX models) give you the power to upgrade new hardware on the fly.

What does that mean for you? Imagine not having to update your network OS every time the hardware wind direction changes. JAM immediately syncs with your new hardware, eliminating the need for OS updates that typically stall your enterprise network for hours on end.

Currently, JAM is supported on the Juniper MX240, MX480, MX960, and MX2000 Universal Routing Platforms--so if you’re using older models, it’s an extra incentive to upgrade.

Your MX router JAM packed with options

Debuted in conjunction with the release of the Junos 14.1 OS, the advanced JAM software package is designed to separate the Junos core from the hardware drivers — creating continuous plug-and-play support for NG (next generation) MPCs.

Juniper also gives you the ability to install the JAM to your MX as a standalone or part of an OS bundle. So no matter if you’re running OS 13.1 or 18.1 — as long as you’re running on an NG chipset, you’re in business.

The speed you need

In addition to creating software scalability with JAM, NG chipsets also offer an immediate boost to your network’s output speeds. Terabit Systems has packaged the MX480 with the MPC3E-3D-NG, an advanced modular that supports 100-Gigabit ethernet interfaces, two MIC slots, and a generous increase in overall bandwidth output. The MPC3 also runs on an enhanced switchboard for fabric redundancy — more than doubling fabric bandwidth compared to the standard switchboard.

MX480 bandwidth progression with NG chipset

MPC3 using enhanced switchboard (SCBE-MX)


up to 2.79 Tbps fabric bandwidth


MPC using standard switchboard


 up to 1.39 Tbps fabric bandwidth



The industry isn’t slowing down — why should you?

You may be thinking: “This is all great, but does my network really need the features of this new Juniper software?” The short answer: yes. The long answer: Yes and yes.

When Juniper developed the MX series in 2007, the company looked to take the best parts of its T and M series and make them run seamlessly on its Junos OS. The end result was a line that became a staple of the routing market due to its ability to quickly adapt to changes in the network world.

With the data explosion of the past several years, networks have been forced to satisfy an ever-increasing thirst for higher bandwidths. That requires continuous upgrades, and JAM is a great way to make that process smoother, allowing you to plug in new hardware without rebooting or updating with each line card added.

So if you’re in the market for a new router (or two), the MX480 platform packed with next-level (NG) features is undoubtedly a great option to keep you moving with agility and speed--now and for years to come.

Put your network in the best hands in the business

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January 14, 2020