Brocade POD Licenses and the ICX Series = Ports on Demand

Brocade SAN switches have always used a Ports-on-Demand (POD) licensing model, where ports can be activated by applying a POD license. This model is also used in their IP product line, most prominently in the Brocade ICX and VDX series switches. The concept is simple: all ports are physically present, but not all of them are active, or are not active at 10GbE. To activate the ports, the user needs to acquire the appropriate POD and install the license onto the switch - much the same as enabling PREM, ADV, and other software features.

This licensing scheme allows for a simple upgrade path in the field that does not require a screw driver. The PODs can be delivered either electronically, or via a license pack. Once installed, the ports become active, and the license has been consumed meaning it cannot be used again nor removed from the unit. We keep plenty of licenses in stock many of our customers are extensively using 10GbE SFP+ ports in their networks.

Terabit Systems has found the ICX series to be a very popular data-center grade switch, one with a highly evolved software feature set, and some kick ass hardware features such as 4x 40G stacking capability to combine several switches into a “virtual” single switch.

Here are the most popular ICX POD part numbers and descriptions for reference:

Brocade ICX Ports-on-Demand Licenses

  • ICX6610-10G-LIC-POD License to upgrade 4 ports of 1G SFPP uplink to 10G speeds (SFP+)
  • ICX6450-2X10G-LIC-POD ICX 6450 2X10G Capacity Based License, Upgrade 1G Uplink/Stacking Ports to 1G/10G
  • ICX6650-8P10G-LIC-POD Ports-on-Demand license for Brocade ICX 6650, for 8x10GbE SFP+ ports
  • ICX6650-16P10G-LIC-POD Ports-on-Demand license for Brocade ICX 6650, for 16x10GbE SFP+ ports
  • ICX6650-2P40G-LIC-POD Ports-on-Demand license for Brocade ICX 6650, for 2 QSFP+ (40GbE or 4x10GbE) ports

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January 09, 2019